Unlocking genomic insights: your partners in precision research​


Key capabilities​
At NalaGenetics, we are passionate about pushing the boundaries of genomics to unlock valuable insights and advance precision health.​
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Unlocking Insights from Diverse Genomes

We have expertise in analysing data from diverse genomes, paving the way for more targeted and effective treatments.​

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Cost-effective Platforms ​

Our cost-effective genomics platforms make genomics more accessible.


Multi-factor Risk Prediction

Our research in multi-factor risk prediction helps identify potential health risks early, empowering individuals and healthcare providers to take proactive measures.​

Research areas
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Hereditary and Familial Cancers
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Cardiovascular diseases
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Rare diseases
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Drug response
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Personalized wellness
Our expert teams​
Our research is advanced by three specialized teams focused on data analysis, experimental work, and clinical applications. Together, they contribute to unlocking insights that enhance our understanding of genomics and improve patient outcomes.​

Bionformatics and Data Science

Work with our genomics experts and leverage their skills in analyzing large-scale datasets.


Wet Lab R&D

Partner with our innovative researchers, leading the development of genomics research and clinical assays.

clincal studies

Clinical Studies

Collaborate with us to strategically design clinical trials that aim to implement innovative healthcare solutions.

Service platforms​
NalaGenetics is dedicated to fostering diversity in germline interpretation. Recognizing that distinct use cases may necessitate varied genetic testing platforms, our committed team of experts is poised to meticulously select the optimal platform tailored to your specific needs.​
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Expertise in genomics data analysis​
Our team of bioinformaticians are experts in translating genetic data into life-changing insights that transform healthcare, utilizing a spectrum of data types.​
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Short-read whole genome sequencing​​
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Long-read whole genome sequencing
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Targeted sequencing (including whole exome sequencing)​
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Our science
Sep 20, 2023

What do women want to see in a personalized breast cancer risk report? A qualitative study of Asian women of two countries

A breast cancer risk assessment tool using Polygenic Risk Score (PRS) assessment of 313 single nucleotide polymorphisms and a risk prediction algorithm from the Gail Model had been established and validated for Asian population.

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May 05, 2023

The Impacts of Nutrigenetic Testing and Counseling Towards Eating Behaviors of The Indonesian Population

Nutrigenetics testing is increasingly popular due to its perceived benefits. However, currently, the impacts of nutrigenetics towards attitudes and healthy eating behavior remain elusive, particularly among the Indonesian population.

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Your privacy is our top priority
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Your Privacy, Your Control

We take data privacy seriously. Your genetic information is exclusively yours, and we won't share it with anyone outside NalaGenetics without your consent. You're in charge of deciding who sees your data and how it's utilized.

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Encrypted Security Shield

Think of your genetic data as a fortress guarded by the best security tech. We adhere to ISO-27001 standard to ensure its safety. It's encrypted and regularly checked for any weak spots to ensure your data stays safe from cyber threats.

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Contributing to Research, Safely

Getting tested with NalaGenetics gives you the option to contribute to our research. If you allow us to use it for research, we make your data anonymous unless you choose otherwise. We remove anything that could identify you, ensuring your privacy. It's like contributing to a greater cause without compromising your personal fortress.