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Personalised Medication

A DNA test to personalize the right medications for you. In fact, 50% of prescriptions can be optimized for more effective treatment and to reduce adverse drug reactions.
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Personalize Diet & Nutrition

A DNA test to personalize the best nutrition for your health. Discover information about your DNA's unique interactions with micro and macronutrients, as well as insights into food intolerances.
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Personalize Lifestyle

This DNA test provides a holistic view of your well-being, delivering personalized insights across various aspects of health, including fitness, allergy profile, skin health, and longevity.
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Breast Cancer Screening

DNA testing to calculate your risk of developing breast cancer within the next 5 years.
Expolore SCIENCE

We conduct clear and measurable research into our products and discover the science behind them.

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Healthcare Provider Training

Receive regular training materials ranging from basic genetics to case studies for specialists, complete quizzes, and earn certificates upon completion.


Most Updated Database

Our team of bioinformaticians constantly updates the database that powers our reports and recommendations on the Clinical Decision Support™ (CDS). Any new updates will be sent to you via our newsletters.


Convenient and Secure Information Management

Genetic reports are sensitive information that needs to be stored and used securely. Our web and mobile platform helps you manage orders, reports, and follow up with patients.

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Ensuring Patient Data Privacy

At NalaGenetics, we take data privacy seriously. Your patients' genetic information is treated with utmost confidentiality, and we won't share it with any external entities without consent. Patients are in charge of deciding who sees their data and how it's utilized.

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Encrypted Security Shield

Think of your patient's genetic data as a fortress guarded by the best security tech. We adhere to ISO-27001 standards to ensure its safety. It's encrypted and regularly checked for any weak spots, maintaining its integrity and safeguarding their privacy.

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Contributing to Research, Safely

By choosing NalaGenetics,
healthcare providers open the door for patients to ethically contribute to research. When opting to share data for research, we make the data anonymous unless the patients choose otherwise. Your patients' data becomes valuable for advancing medical knowledge, with all identifying information removed to ensure privacy. It's like contributing to a greater cause without compromising the personal fortress of their genetic data.

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